Visa and immigration requirements

All participants must each hold a passport valid for at least three months and meet the conditions for obtaining an access visa to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

All participants located in regions or countries where the DRC does not have diplomatic representation will be able to obtain flying visas.

To obtain the said visa, applications must be submitted online at Please note that on average, the processing of electronic visa applications takes two to three working days and it is strongly recommended to take it well in advance (we recommend ten days earlier)

Yellow fever & Coronavirus

Testing and other practical measures

Travelers to the Democratic Republic of Congo must have a valid international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever. They must also present a negative Covid-19 PCR test whose validity should not exceed 72 hours upon arrival in the country.

Upon arrival at the Democratic Republic of Congo airport, a Covid-19 PCR test will be performed, the costs of which are borne by the DRC government who will also make special arrangements for this process to take place in the best conditions. Participants must register online for the test at

On your departure a negative Covid-19 PCR test valid will be required at the airport. A testing dispositive will be prepared by the business forum organisation.


Regarding accommodation as part of the DRC Africa Business Forum, four hotels were selected, all participants are expected to bear their own costs of accommodation :

Rotana Kinshasa

Kin Plaza Arjaan by Rotana

Pullman Hotel


Memling Hotel



In the occurrence of a medical problem that arises, first aid will be administered free of charge by accredited medical personnel
at the venue of the Forum. The following medical structures are located in the city of Kinshasa
where participants can seek medical attention at their own expense
Centre Médical de Kinshasa
168, Wagenia Gombe face au Beach Ngobila
Centre Médical Diamant
2366 Colonel Monjiba, Kinshasa-Ngaliema
HJ Hospitals
22309 Boulevard Lumumba, Kinshasa-Limete

If you want to discover more of the city of Kinshasa

visit the site or download the Kinshasa offline map application which includes of the restaurants, lounges, craft stores in Kinshasa, etc.
Please note that due to the health context, there is a curfew in effect from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.


For any questions, we invite you to send a mail to :

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